Check your eligibility in three step

Up to 600€ per person

98% success rate for all the claim we managed

Less than 10% of the passengers subject to flights delays and flight cancellation claim their compensation

Alloclaim : how does it work ?


Provide us with your flight information

Our pre-verification procedure for your eligibility for compensation is completely free of charge; The diligences and investigations are carried out by our teams on the basis of your flight number; If it corresponds to a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight, you can still claim your rights to compensation for 3 years.

We help you to formalize your claim and get your indemnification

By signing the power of attorney and mandating us to defend your interests, our teams will deploy their legal expertise in order to carry out your complaint to the relevant airlines, if necessary, before the competent local jurisdictions. We will keep you regularly informed of the proper handling of your file.

You get your indemnification

Once we have received the compensation at the end of the protest procedure, the final amount collected will be transferred to the bank account you have designated via the bank account statement that you have sent us with your signed power of attorney . We will then only draw the amount of the intervention fee plus any special administrative costs incurred by the different demand procedures.

AlloClaim makes sure you obtain what is due to you

  • Check your eligibility

The procedure for verifying your eligibility for the claim is fast and reliable. Our teams of experts check directly on their databases the flight concerned by your request and ensure that your complaint is admissible based on the conditions set out in the Community rules (delayed, canceled or overbooked flights); These databases are updated on a daily basis. As a result, tickets corresponding to eligible flights can be compensated retroactively.
  • We will support you in the implementation of the claim procedure.

We perform all due diligence in your interest and on your behalf in order to assert your rights with the various authorities concerned. We contact the recalcitrant airlines and may, if necessary, advise you in order to represent you and enforce the judgment in your favor in order to collect the amount of compensation to be paid to you. You will be regularly informed of the progress of the procedure.
  • Get your indemnification

Once we will have received your indemnification on your behalf, we will manage the wire transfer to your bank account after deduction of our success fees. The full service is totally free and we are completely involved in the correct management of your claim.

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Four good reasons to use AlloClaim


  1. We are completely based on success fees. No win, No fees.
  2. We will support the advances and procedural costs. No compensation, no costs for the applicant.
  3. Our teams of experts will answer all your questions, do not hesitate to contact them by e-mail or social network.
  4. The amounts of compensation provided for by the Community rules may be up to 600 € depending on the criteria.


Why AlloClaim ?

Why AlloClaim? AlloClaim applies its expertise to enforce European legislation for claims following cancellations, long delays, failed correspondence and / or denied boarding. We assist you in making claims without exposing you to financial risks. Signing a Power of Attorney for AlloClaim frees you of any concern since you do not have to deal directly with the airline involved. AlloClaim has access to various daily updated data on flights, fleet management and other basic information, as well as an overview of the national and European jurisdiction in question. As a result, we are able to estimate the probability of success of your application very quickly.

What is the limitation period for a claim ?

A claim for your flights made in the past is always possible as long as the extinction right period is not reached. According to French law, you have a 3-year term to make a claim.

Tour Package, can I get an indemnification ?

Yes, organized trips can effectively benefit from the same rights and claims under European air passenger regulations.

Do I have to fill out my online data to have my right exercised by AlloClaim ?

Yes, the procedure is dematerialized in order to trigger the procedure quickly, AlloClaim will check again the data entered and will then try to enforce your claim step by step. We keep you informed after each step and we remain available for any other questions.

Additional fees, a possible remedy ?

We will keep you informed by email according to the evolution of your file. You can contact us directly whenever you want by email.

How do I know the status of my application ?

We deal exclusively with claims related to delay, cancellation or denied boarding at this point. However, if you incur additional costs, you are entitled to send the supporting documents directly to the company. This does not affect your chances to obtain compensation for a flight delay.

How long can I expect to receive my compensation ?

The length of the proceedings varies according to the requests. The details of each flight, the airline, legal conditions and other parameters beyond our control obviously have an impact on the processing time. An exact processing time is therefore impossible to define given these variables. That being said, we will keep you informed of the progress and progress of the complaint procedure.

When do we appoint the lawyers ?

AlloClaim is an organization composed of legal advisors and lawyers specializing in consumer law. Nevertheless, only lawyers can appear in court, depending on the country and not the companies. Thus, when you mandate us at the beginning of the process, it is only for the extra-judicial benefit. If an airline refuses to settle an extra-judicial dispute, our licensed attorneys will represent you in court. Our lawyers are also specialized in the field of air passenger law. We assume financial risks during the legal proceedings by offering our lawyers or legal advisors. If the procedure fails, AlloClaim will bear the costs. If an agreement is reached, the costs will be deducted from your compensation. Our lawyers and legal counsel will reach an agreement only with your consent and will tell you if this is economically interesting.

Can I apply for compensation for another personn ?

Yes it is possible, you can actually make a claim for any other passenger present on the same flight whether or not you yourself passenger. However, only the passengers concerned must be appointed. If you want to be the contact person, this means that you will handle the request (for example, for a parent or a colleague). You will need to fill in your email address and telephone number in the space provided. Moreover, it is important to note that only the passengers can receive compensation, regardless of who originally paid for the trip.



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